Stay Anchored In Your Principles
May 6, 2020
Richard M. King, Kingston Healthcare Company

During one of the final scenes from the 1986 movie Top Gun, RIO Merlin played by Tim Robbins shouts to his pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) that an enemy MIG is preparing to lock onto their F-14 Navy Tomcat. “He’s still coming around, he’s gonna get behind us!” Maverick immediately replies; “I’m not leaving my wingman!”

Collectively, we’ve witnessed an enormous amount of change throughout our world’s global business settings. Technology enables industries to incorporate significant advantages allowing even small business start-ups to sky rocket in value, all the while seeing other more established entities succumb to the volatility of an ever-changing economic environment. These experiences should remind each of us to sincerely appreciate our individual company’s continued success and achievements whenever possible. 

Unfortunately, many people around us are currently enduring a season where it feels like they’re in the middle of an aerial dogfight! Uncertainty and despair pressing upon them from every angle. Conditions causing some to feel it’s time to bug out, leave the fight and just let the chips fall where they may.

As business professionals from every facet in our communities, let me encourage you to “stay anchored and firmly settled in your principles. This is the time to inspire those within our circles, assuring them we’ve got them. It may be your neighbor, close friend, coworker or even a family member.

My own experience in business has shown me that behind the inner workings of great organizations there is a deeper meaning or creed as part of their existence. Usually stemming from an individual or group. Things like empathy, morality, equality, ingenuity, initiative and persistence. I’ve always believed it is these core principles entwined through business which gives us the courage to assure others; “don’t worry, we’re not leaving you behind!” 

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