Five Steps To Finding A Counselor
May 6, 2020
Rachel Bowers, Crosswinds Counseling

With the right person, counseling can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. But the truth is, finding a good match can be challenging. Therapists have specialties, preferences and personalities of their own. That being said, you won’t be compatible with every counselor, and it may take time to find the right fit.

Here are five tips to make finding a counselor easier:

  1. Shop around and do your research. Ask people you trust for recommendations. Google counselors in your area. Most counselors have online bios; find out what they specialize in, what qualifications they have and what types of therapy they offer. 
  2. Give them a call. Before even scheduling a consultation, you can call your perspective therapist. It’s easy to get a feel for a person over the phone. Ask any questions you have, and schedule a consultation if the call goes well.
  3. Be upfront about what you expect from your counselor. Do you need an outlet to vent? Are you looking for actionable advice? These are things to consider before even going to your first session. 
  4. Keep an open mind. At your consultation, try to remember that there was a reason you chose this person. Maybe they were extremely qualified, had glowing reviews or you just liked the sound of their voice. Give counseling some time and grace. Keep in mind that not everything in your life will be addressed in your first session.
  5. Don’t be afraid to let them know it’s not working. It may take a few months and a couple of awkward conversations before you find the right fit for you, but have faith that you will. Counselors want to help you and will understand if you need someone else better suited to do so.

If you’re reading this article, it probably means you’ve been considering counseling and are ready to take the plunge. Start looking for a counselor today and take your mental health off the back burner – your future self will thank you for it. 

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