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Please buy locally
Jul 6, 2020
Dan Copeland
Writer's Block

Small businesses have been crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In northeast Indiana we have seen numerous small businesses fail; gone forever. And, there will be more. Probably a lot more. The federal government’s PPP program, in my opinion, simply kicked the can down the road. But, with funds running out, the end of that road is now in sight.

Many businesses that received those PPP dollars have already used them, maybe they had to because they were not well financed. But, small businesses are about to receive a new shock. For many the PPP money is gone and customers are not coming back quickly enough. So, where do these businesses get the funds to continue operating without enough customers?

That’s where you and I come into the picture. We have choices. We can buy from the local hardware store or Home Depot, get gas at a local station or at Sam’s Club or dine at restaurants that have no local ownership or seek out those that are local and support them. We can buy almost everything on line or we can find a local source. It’s up to all of us to take care of our own.

Local businesses depend on us spending our money here. Let us not forget, lots of local jobs depend on us spending our money here.

And, to you small business people, instead of telling customers to have a nice day, be sure to say thank you for the business.  

Please buy locally.

IMG Insurance Management Group

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