Laying the Groundwork

A smart business model positions ForeSight Consulting, LLC to move forward in any economic climate.
Jul 6, 2020
Tammy Davis
Laying the Groundwork

When COVID-19 brought the world around him to a screeching halt, Todd Bauer never stopped moving. His company, ForeSight Consulting, still had surveys to complete, and those were only the beginning. As a civil engineering firm, ForeSight’s survey work feeds directly into site development, the heart of its business.

“Most of our work is site development-related,” says Bauer, ForeSight’s founder and principal. “As civil engineers, we lay out what will fit on a site, balancing existing topography and what the land is naturally doing to determine where we can place buildings to gain access to drainage, where utilities can be. Everything starts with the survey.”

While survey and civil engineering firms often operate independently, ForeSight offers both services, which Bauer feels is integral to his – and his clients’ – success.

“Surveying is the groundwork onto which we build the civil engineering component,” explains Bauer. “If you use different companies, you’re relying on how someone else saw it. There are enough nuances that they can make a big difference. It makes a lot more sense to work from your own work.”

When ForeSight does its own survey work for a site it is developing, it can collect data specific to the needs of the project. Even though an outside firm may generate a good survey, a generic result may lack the kind of nuanced information that will produce the best outcome. 

“If you know how the project is supposed to look or the direction it will take, you can go the extra mile to fill in the gaps,” says Bauer. “A firm that does its own survey controls what it can deliver to the client to keep a project moving.”

While performing both services has long been part of ForeSight’s business model for the efficiencies it provides, having both in-house has also proven to be a sustaining strategy for navigating a pandemic-altered economy. The post-survey site development work has allowed the company to continue operating at near normal capacity, even when working remotely.

“The survey work we had done over the winter and early spring gave us some of the underlying information we needed to continue with our civil engineering work,” says Bauer. “We had the foresight to actively position ourselves to be able to work in shutdown mode.”

When restrictions began to lift and plan commission meetings restarted, ForeSight stood ready. Bauer and his team kept moving, completing the work needed to keep projects on track for clients. 

“Our unique combination of services has allowed us to prepare and weather the COVID crisis,” says Bauer. 

The results prove that ForeSight Consulting is more than just a name; it’s their way of life. 

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