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Al W. Hamed, President, Hamed Homes
Dec 3, 2020
Alicia Tharp
Jeffrey Crane
5 Questions With...

Al W. Hamed is the 2nd generation custom home builder at the helm of Hamed Homes. Hamed Homes builds custom luxury homes. Every aspect of a Hamed Homes property is custom from start to finish. Hamed shares with us his career journey, what he does in his role as president and how the company has adjusted during the pandemic.  

Q1: How did your career path lead you to becoming President of Hamed Homes? 

As a 2nd generation, custom home builder, I have been working in, or around, residential new construction for seemingly my entire life. I started at an early age, working to clean debris, sweep and organize job sites. This afforded me with the opportunity to learn the nomenclature associated with our scope of work, as well as garner some additional insight into vendor and subcontractor relationships – eventually earning and affording me with the opportunity to work alongside several of those same subcontractors each summer through middle and high school, further assisting me in learning each trade’s respective scope, and the myriad of details and intricacies as associated with each. 

Fast forward several years working and learning in a Project Manager/Site Supervisor capacity; I found myself with two graduate degrees and a Real Estate Broker’s license, a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, and a strong desire to further analyze daily procedural protocols and sew into relationships with our vendor and subcontractor partners as a means of making a positive impact for the organization.

Q2: What do you do in your role as president?

Whatever. It. Takes. Certainly not looking to be coy or cryptic in my response, albeit, as the organization’s leader, I believe it my responsibility to ensure company and client objectives are met (exceeded) and done so within initially established expectations. As such, this concept of organizational ownership may require me to engage in contractual negotiations with vendor/subcontractor alliances, and/or, clean debris from a site prior to closing. 

That stated, while the majority of my day-to-day can be riddled with a litany of client meetings and site inspections, I’m intentional in investing time with leadership from our vendor and subcontractor partners as a means of learning how we can continue to provide a truly custom and superior product/service offering. 

Q3: What would you tell someone considering the home building process? 

Take your time. Invest in allocating the time to better understand your needs and wants as this will/should help instigate better collaboration, both initially and throughout the process, with your builder/architect. Look to garner some additional insight as to your preferred builder’s communication platform, procedural protocol, as well as personnel involvement and their relative scope. These variables can prove to be distinguishing factors that will better assist you in working to align with a builder that can understand your needs and wants in detail, and work to execute in bringing those to fruition. 

Q4: What makes you passionate about building luxury homes?

I truly enjoy the process. While the result(s) of our scope of work has certainly yielded some exceptionally beautiful homes in which we know many family memories will be shared for years to come, I also find a great deal of value in watching the process come to fruition. We invest an extensive amount of time, effort, and resources into the architectural and interior design scope prior to construction commencement, and as such, are afforded with the ability to establish meaningful relationships with our clients throughout this process. To that point, learning their ‘why’ behind their wants and needs, only furthers the feelings of excitement when we get to watch them see their dreams and designs brought to life. 

Q5: Have things changed for Hamed Homes amid the pandemic? How?

Of course. We’ve experienced some atypical delays pertaining to material acquisition as well as heightened product costs instigated from a correlation to the aforementioned. That stated, and despite the challenges as associated with the litany of unforeseen variables that have presented this year; we're very much appreciative and thankful for our relationships with our subcontractors and vendor partners. It is within these relationships that we have created a culture of 'tribe' in which we're grateful to have aligned with, as this truly assists us when working to navigate through some atypical issues/concerns. 


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