Setting the Safety Standard
Jun 4, 2021
David Theye, Safety Director, Briner Building

Construction of a building or facility represents growth, momentum and prosperity for any company. But amid opportunity are also challenges. Without careful planning and oversight, construction sites can be dangerous environments. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are about 150,000 construction site accidents every year. Therefore, safety must be built in — not added on — to a project.

Safe work sites are essential for both construction workers and clients. It’s crucial that they’re both up-to-date with the latest construction safety standards and best practices. But where do you start? Consider any of these types of programs when it comes to construction safety. 

Safety Netting

Safety nets protect employees from falling off roofing or other high structures. It also protects anyone on the ground-level from most falling debris. But having them placed isn’t enough — each net should be inspected and kept in climate-controlled storage. 

Physical Abilities Tests

It’s important to know that all workers can meet the physical demands of the construction industry. An employee who can’t perform this demanding work could endanger themselves or their teammates. Companies that give their employees physical abilities tests protect not only their employees, but their clients. 

Dedicated Safety Director

Having a dedicated safety director on staff ensures construction workers and clients have the support they need in meeting safety standards.

As construction companies, it is our responsibility to make sure that our employees get home to their families each and every night — and to provide safe, industry-leading construction services to companies in northeast Indiana. With safety programs like these, we can do both. 

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