4 Things That Every Employee Should Look For in a Potential Employer
Sep 7, 2021
Lindsey Lortie, Blue Jacket, Inc.

With so much attention lately on the shortage of workers for businesses big and small, most tend to focus on the employee side of the equation. Rarely do we turn the spotlight on the employer.

It makes sense that the happier the employee in their work environment, the more productive they are, which makes them a valuable investment. So, what makes for a good work environment? If you are currently in a position seeking employment, what should you be looking for? Here are four things every employee should look for: 

The culture: Do the job requirements, working environment and co-workers match your personality and needs? Do the company values match your own? Take a look at the things that are important to you, such as diversity, work/life balance, treatment of employees, communication styles, policies & procedures, etc. 

Growth opportunities: Is this a company you can grow with? Guard against becoming complacent (bored) in your work. We often hear about people leaving jobs because they are “bored.” Does the company invest in the development of employees and look to promote from within? Look for companies that provide incentives for growing and progressing as an employee. 

What is the company history/ reputation: If you asked five knowledgeable people, what would they say about the company? What does the BBB or social media say about the company? A company with strong history of longevity usually means stability for the employees. A marker for this is low company turnover and few disgruntled employees.

Does the company provide training: Be sure to ask questions about the type of training given to incoming employees. There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and being thrown in with little to no direction. Companies who value their employees provide comprehensive training to ensure safety and work competency. 

The employer/employee relationship is tricky but when you find the right environment, it can lead to great returns for both sides. 

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