Does your portfolio need a tune-up?
Nov 4, 2021
Matt Henry, CFA, Senior Investment Officer

Since early 2020, hasn’t life felt like one big, scary blur? Who has time to think about their retirement when the world might end at any minute?!

The average person’s life has changed a lot more than they expected in the last couple of years. And while financial markets have recovered strongly since last year’s sharp recession, you probably have been preoccupied with more important topics than your 401k statements. Still, it’s probably time for your portfolio to get a tune-up. It’s convenient since the market is near all-time highs, and it gets out in front of unknown potential tax changes coming next year.

First, take care of regular rebalancing. The stock market has been hot for the past 10 years, so your portfolio’s stock allocation may have grown too big. Consider rebalancing back to your target investment mix.

Make sure to review your target, too. Did 2021 bring any major life events or milestones? If your life has changed, your financial needs may have, too. Be sure to discuss with your investment professional any new children, grandchildren, job changes, marriages, divorces, inheritances, health changes, charitable intents, and so on.

If you have a financial plan, take this opportunity to update all the values and recalculate your outlook. If not, now’s the perfect time to get your financial roadmap together. Work with a manager or firm that incorporates financial planning into their wealth management practice.

If you have a financial advisor, give them a call. If you’re doing this work yourself, set a reminder to tune-up your portfolio each year.  

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