Small Business and Real Estate
Dec 3, 2021
Dennis Callison, President/Broker

With the overwhelming number of challenges facing small businesses today, it is the prospect for growth and limitless potential that drive most entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to live in Fort Wayne and to have witnessed some incredible success stories from Steel Dynamics, Vera Bradley, Medical Protective, Fort Wayne Metals, Do It Best, Ash Brokerage and Sweetwater Sound to name a few. All of which started out as small, family-owned businesses and have grown to national and international industry leaders.

Although most businesses may never reach these heights, it is the small wins that compound into the big gains owners work hard to achieve. We live in a city with incredibly talented people who all have a story to tell. Surrounding yourself with the right people will ultimately produce an atmosphere for prosperity. Resources are boundless if you are willing to look, ask questions and seek the right people to help set the stage for success. It’s up to all of us to execute and accumulate the small wins.

From a real estate perspective, small businesses face many difficult decisions. “Do we lease space or buy an existing building? How much space do we need? Will we expand sooner than later? Where do we want to be located? Do we build?” There are talented experts in the commercial real estate industry to surround yourself with and ask these questions. Seeking an advocate who takes the time to ask the right questions and understand your goals will be a valuable asset for your inner circle. 

Helping clients make well thought-out decisions when it comes to real estate is extremely important. Ensuring your real estate professional has well established relationships and knowledge of the market will help you make the right choice and solidify a “small win” for your business.  

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