How to Encourage Co-Workers to Stay
Mar 7, 2022
Julie Goodwin, MBA

When searching for the top reasons people stay with a company, you will notice pay and benefits frequent the list, however there are other factors that are equally, if not more, important. So how do we encourage individuals to stick with their job? Here are a few ideas:

Individual Meetings: Hold meetings with each co-worker at least monthly. Ask questions like, ‘What are some accomplishments of yours that we can celebrate?’ This demonstrates that their work and input are valuable.

Onboarding = Retention: If a person is trained, they feel confident in their work and will be more successful. Lack of training can lead to quality issues, which can lead to negative interactions with customers, co-workers and their leader. It is vital to take the time to onboard, as this will reduce turnover.

Recognition and Events: Have a variety of greeting cards on hand for work anniversaries, birthdays, thank-you cards for project completion and overtime, etc. You can assign a “community helper” or a “party team” to help manage this.

Food for Thought: Access to food and water is ESSENTIAL. Regular breaks should also be required. If an individual does not get a break, their quality and performance can decrease.

Cross-Training: Have individuals learn different skills. This helps provide a better perspective, increases quality and teamwork, provides coverage during emergencies, and can lead to new solutions and innovation. 

Professional Development: Have a set budget for each co-worker. Give them time away during working hours to complete this. Have them report what they learned. 

Community Involvement: Have a set number of hours that each co-worker must complete. Examples might include the United Way Days of Caring or community parades, fairs and festivals. Provide company t-shirts. This shows you care about the communities you serve. 


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