What To Do If Scammers Impersonate Your Business
Jun 6, 2022
Rick Walz, President & CEO

From small landscaping companies to multinational corporations, BBB has seen impostor scams affect businesses regardless of size or industry. Impostor scams can do significant harm to a business’s reputation and customer relationships. 

Even the BBB brand has been mimicked to deceive consumers. After being affected by an impostor scam ourselves, BBB put together this guide to help businesses uphold their trustworthy reputation.

Maintain open communication with the public
Monitor communication channels, including social media messages, comments and voicemails for important information, and make it easy for customers to reach you by offering multiple points of contact. These channels provide a convenient way for consumers to get answers to their questions, and they keep you informed about the public image of your business. 

Find out what happened
Gather as much information about the scheme as possible. Try to identify what method of communication was used, what scammers wanted to gain and how victims are being deceived. Gathering this information allows you to identify the steps needed to protect your brand identity and provide meaningful advice to consumers who may encounter the scheme. 

Describe the situation to your stakeholders
Next, craft a clear and concise message telling people how to identify the scheme, what to do if they encounter it and briefly explain the actions we’d pursue in response. 

Then, share this message with your community across social media and to email subscribers to inform a wide breadth of stakeholders. 

Contact legal counsel
Finally, take action against the scammers. Contact legal counsel for assistance as they can provide much needed help in enforcing protection of trademark properties. If you have not trademarked your brand identity, legal can still provide helpful guidance on removing impostor websites and offer guidance on what you should do to prevent further scams. 

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