Just Like the Jetsons

Yesterday’s technology dreams have become today’s realities.
Feb 1, 2014
Tammy Davis & Lynette Fager
Jeffrey Crane

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning and your lights turn on automatically. Your shower activates at a set temperature, ready for you to step in. Music of your choice is piped through speakers as you shower. While you are getting dressed, a TV that has been integrated into a specially-designed mirror is already tuned to the morning news. Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t.

This type of technology is available and not just in big cities. You can get it right here in Fort Wayne from a company called Redfli Electronics

Founded by Dustin Oberlin in 2006 as a way to combine his love of building quality audiovisual systems with his passion for entrepreneurism, Redfli specializes in residential designing and installing custom audio visual systems for commercial and residential customers. 

Creative projects are Oberlin’s specialty as he personally designs every system. From conception to installation, Redfli takes the smallest details into account so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

“Details are important,” says Oberlin. “We use only high quality, high performance audio visual components and when you’re paying for that kind of quality, you want to make sure that everything looks and sounds perfect when it’s installed. We even want the wiring to be neat and clean.” 

That kind of attention to every detail has become increasingly important with advancements in technology. Where “audio visual” once evoked thoughts of stereo systems and home theaters, the systems designed and installed by Redfli continue to become more complex. Today’s systems have the potential to touch every room in a house.

As an example, one of Oberlin’s favorite projects involves a local residence using smart home technology. Motion sensors trigger lighting throughout the home, and every light – including those in the closets and the pantry – is electronically controlled. 

“You can move through your entire home without ever touching a light switch,” says Oberlin.

While some people may not enjoy this kind of system in their own home, it does illustrate the breadth of work Redfli has mastered. From stereo systems to home theaters, lighting and thermostat control systems to motion sensors, security systems to integrated communications alerts, Oberlin says, “Anything that’s possible, we’re doing here.”

And Redfli can do more than just make your home more aesthetically pleasing, it can also create a safer and more energy efficient environment. Oberlin says that systems can encompass cameras and security systems, customized locks and codes, thermostats and lighting, even motorized shades and screens. For example, thermostats and lighting systems can feature programmed responses to accommodate changes in the environment. When the temperature in a room varies by a predetermined amount, the control system can turn lights on or off, raise or lower shades and activate an HVAC system in response. Security systems have also become more complex and that fits right into Redfli’s area of expertise. Redfli features electronic locks with customizable codes that can be individualized to a specific person and if anything goes awry, the system can send a text message to a designated recipient to alert them to the issue.

For Oberlin and the Redfli team, it’s all about customization. The more sophisticated the technology, the more options Redfli can offer. 

Redfli Electronics

Owner(s): Dustin Oberlin

Address: 6427 Georgetown North Boulevard, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Phone: (877) 733-3547

Website: redfli.com

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