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The heart behind Dorian Maples & Associates, Angel Corps and Home Nursing Services
May 1, 2014
Lynette Fager, editor
Steve Vorderman

Fort Wayne Living - All About - Dorian Maples

1. For our wedding invitation, we had Lee Sauer, a local caricature artist, design our wedding invitation. We invited him to the reception to draw caricatures of our guests. It was a big hit!

2. This was our first attempt at organizing our first five grandchildren for a photo. It took weeks for my husband, Rick, to recover from the trauma. We now have six grandchildren. We used this as our 2012 Christmas card. 

3. My brother, Toby, and his family live in Honolulu, so we visit often. During a recent trip, we met singer/songwriter, Walt Keale. On a subsequent trip we saw this wonderful painting of Keale in an art gallery and had to have it. 

4. Diane Rhem is one of my heroes. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a vocal cord disorder which I share with Diane Rhem, an NPR program host. Her book, Finding My Voice, is an inspiration.   

5. We are a Tapestry, A Day for You sponsor. Every year, we take our office staff to the event. This is a small way we are supporting the funding of health science scholarships in our community through IPFW. In 2010, I received the Tapestry Dedication Honoree Award.

6. Local craftsman Dave Riley creates three dimensional lake art. I have been going to Clear Lake since I was a teenager. We now have a home there.

7. I became a registered nurse in 1979. I received my second stripe, navy blue, showing I was a real nurse. My first employer as an RN was Lima Memorial Hospital in Ohio where my grandmother retired as an RN. We have four generations of nurses in the family.

8. In 2009, I received the Norah J. McFarland Award from the Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care. It is a very significant honor to have your professional peers recognize you for a job well done.

9. My faith journey has led me to studying Daniel from the Old Testament of the Bible. By implementing my faith into my lifestyle, I am becoming Daniel strong!

10. A wise person once told me to keep a mirror by my desk phone, because if you smile when you speak, it projects a positive tone of voice. That’s why we bought everyone in our office a desk mirror so they can see themselves when they speak on the phone.  

11. My dog, Pepper, is my BFF and gardening companion.  

12. When I got an iPad a couple of years ago I couldn’t imagine how I would use it. Now I can’t live without it.

13. I found this necklace piece in my father’s jewelry shop. The polished stones represent the moon and fish depicts the influence Asian culture has had on me.

14. We turned our boardroom into a teaching kitchen and hired a chef to teach culinary skills to our caregivers. Chef Beth Scholer got so involved that she wrote a book called The Caregivers Kitchen.

15. My personal trainer, Jason Eyanson, coached me through strength training to be able to ice skate again after a surgery. Ice Skating is my passion and frees my mind as I soar over the ice.

16. In the Arms of Elders, by Dr. William Thomas, is a story about learning the importance of elders in our community. We strongly believe in the wisdom of our elders and have incorporated these teachings into our home care services. Literacy opens us to the world.  

17. Any laker knows that it’s as much about the food as it is about the water. That’s why I love Clear Lake Cuisine Cookbook and my dad’s hot olive recipe is on page 83!

18. My grandchildren and I love the Buddha Board that I purchased at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

19. My husband gave me these Giesewein slippers last Christmas. I love the colors and design as they remind me of the many beautiful items my mother makes from fabric. I believe I need more pairs, for our office downtown, for Clear Lake, … 

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