A Smart Move

Redfli's suite of products help businesses gain a competitive edge.
Sep 1, 2015
Lauren Caggiano
Jeffrey Crane
A Smart Move

Businesses can count on Redfli to increase security, provide peace of mind and enhance customer experience.

Fort Wayne-based Redfli provides audio-visual products and solutions to customers in northeast Indiana and beyond. Its brand is synonymous with unparalleled customer service, expertise and exclusive, hand-picked product lines. Commercial products run the gamut, such as audio systems, in-house theaters, lighting/thermostat control systems, motion sensors, security systems, integrated communications alerts and access control systems. Redfli is also a retailer of office desks, chairs and other furniture. 

Speaking of expertise, Redfli CEO and president Dustin Oberlin says his team’s experience in the field pointed to an often untapped market: the commercial segment. “We are known for providing solutions for the home, but we are capable of doing most—if not everything—in a commercial setting,” he says. 

And no business is too large or small. Redfli can cater to the size and scope of any client’s needs, in nearly any industry, from churches to manufacturing facilities. In addition to providing the products and technology, Redfli goes the extra mile by providing maintenance plans which offer the ability to be proactive versus reactive.

Quality is a value Redfli doesn’t take for granted. That’s why the product lines Redfli carries have been handpicked by Oberlin; he only chooses those that meet the mark for best-in-class quality, manufacturing and value. That means Oberlin and his team take the time to immerse themselves in the products so they can provide highly-specialized knowledge and service. All work performed comes with a 12-month workmanship warranty, in addition to the manufacturer warranty. 

“When we put something in, it’s going to last,” Oberlin says showcasing the confidence he places in his products. 

Another difference is the company’s flexibility. Redfli can work with a client’s cash flow and budget. It can do projects in stages to make it cost-effective. It also has monthly, quarterly and yearly service plans available. Oberlin wants to make his products and services accessible. It won’t be long before businesses without such technology will be lapped by their tech-savvy competition. 

“In 5 to 10 years, it will be a necessity to manage a business remotely,” says Oberlin. “It will be a case of either adapt or risk becoming obsolete.”

That’s why Oberlin considers Redfli a local resource for businesses seeking a competitive edge. And customers in northeast Indiana can benefit from the company’s commitment to staying local. Unlike working with an out-of-town company, clients can experience piece of mind knowing that someone from the Redfli team is just a call away. 

There’s no question, Redfli’s suite of security products can save business owners time, money and headaches. For example, installing an electronic key code system is an effective way to restrict access to a building. This technology reassures business owners, knowing their system can prevent theft by seeing who comes and goes. 

In addition to security, Redfli can help businesses enhance and elevate the customer experience. Two recent projects that illustrate this are Teds Market and Sycamore Hills Golf Club, both in Fort Wayne.

“Working with Redfli is a great experience. The staff takes the extra time to ensure that the project is done correctly and their quality is second to none,” says Brian Hench, owner of Teds Market.

Sycamore Hills was just as satisfied with its end result. As general manager Eric Schneider shares, “Redfli seamlessly designed and installed a comprehensive video, audio and security program for our newly-renovated clubhouse at Sycamore Hills that has exceeded expectations. The state-of-the-art technology was professionally implemented and has been a great addition to our members’ experience.”


Address: 6427 Georgetown N. Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Phone: (877) REDFLI-7 or (877) 733-3547

Website: redfli.com

Email: dustin@redfli.com

Years in Business: 9

Number of Employees: 11

Products & Services: Audio/Visual equipment, smart technology, security, and custom designs and installation.

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