A Festive Feel in Your Home

How to liven up your interior décor for the winter.
Nov 1, 2015
Megan Gaerte, West Central Home
Provided by West Central Home

Adding seasonal touches to your home is a great way to switch things up and bring new focal points into your living spaces. Not to mention, guests will appreciate a change of scenery when visiting your home during this season of festivities. Here are some tips for winterly décor.


Bringing the outdoors in during the winter season can sometimes be a real task. But getting creative doesn’t have to be a chore. Bringing in accessories that incorporate outdoor elements, like resin antlers, cozy faux fur pillows, pine cone fillers, and bark wraps, are great ways to add a winter season effect.


The warmth of candles is terrific during the chill of winter. Lanterns help amplify their impact in a room. Place them on coffee tables, dining tables and fireplace hearths to add soft comfort. 


During winter, we lose much of the color in our outside views that we love during the other three seasons. Using objects to add a pop of color in arrangements around the house can help liven up interiors without overwhelming your space. 

Play with accents in vibrant colors and bold prints. For example, pairing shades like aqua, mauve, cobalt, lime green, magenta, etc. against the traditional winter shades of navy, charcoal, burgundy, plum, rust or amber. Work it into your décor with some pillows and throws. 


Mixing metals has become a great way to add light to a room especially during the grayer days of winter. Add in metallic vases or objects and even change out a few art pieces with unique mirrors to brighten up spaces. A mirrored box is a great concept for a dinner party and can be used as a riser for appetizers while reflecting your décor around the room! 


The hobby of collecting rare, unique or vintage items expresses a lot about one’s personality. Displaying a collection in your home is a special way to add some custom interior decoration. Here are fun collectible ideas to incorporate into your home.


  • wicker baskets for storage
  • old tins to use in the kitchen
  • playing cards make for a fun game room display
  • old coins framed in a shadow box
  • vintage buttons in a glass vase
  • brooches for a flashy vanity display
  • perfume bottles for the bathroom
  • mismatch doorknobs to customize an ordinary armoire
  • stamps, theater tickets or post cards for an office
  • hats for the front foyer
  • mugs to display in a breakfast nook
  • clocks for a walkway or mud room
  • first edition books in the study

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