Feet Fabulous Feet!

Warm summer weather is knocking on our door. Time for bare feet, sandals and flip flops…or maybe not!
May 1, 2016
Jennifer Blomquist
Jeffrey Crane
Feet Fabulous Feet!

“Believe me, I get it,” says Dr. Ashley Bojrab, a podiatrist with Parkview Physicians Group – Podiatry in Fort Wayne. “I love summer weather, too, and I understand that it’s hard not to want to wear flip flops when it’s warm. But like anything else regarding your health, it should be done in moderation because it’s not a supportive shoe.” 

Dr. Bojrab doesn’t recommend going barefoot at all—not even in the house.

“This is the time of year when people step on objects because they’re not wearing anything on their feet. It’s an absolute ‘no’ for a diabetic to ever go barefoot. For everyone else, at least wear a flip flop or light slipper or sandal in the house just to play it safe.”

The other thing Dr. Bojrab understands is people (women in particular) wanting to wear stylish-looking shoes.

“My best advice is to put your comfort first. There are 26 bones in your feet and lots of ligaments and tendons end there, so it’s a very delicate and intricate structure. You can break a toe or even your ankle from wearing an ill-fitted or poorly made shoe. There are a lot of good and supportive shoes out there that may not be as fashionable as others, but they’ve come a long way and look a lot better than they used to. If your feet hurt, it makes for a bad day.”

Dr. Bojrab says there are even some stylish sandals available that provide a fair amount of arch support, something you won’t get from going barefoot or wearing flip flops.

“Good shoes are an investment in your health. They can be expensive, but if they are comfortable and help you get through the 12-hour shift at work, it is worth it.  Also, I recommend changing your shoes for new ones every three to six months.”

And like a lot of women, Dr. Bojrab likes a good pedicure, but again, there are things to keep in mind before running to your nearest salon.


“Make sure the foot tub is properly cleaned, as well as the instruments. Ensure that your cuticle remains intact. This means no cutting or pushing on it. Your cuticle is your only line of defense against bacteria getting into your body from where your nail meets the skin on your feet. Pretty toes are fun, but only if the pedicure is done safely.”

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