Veg Out

Choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet doesn’t mean sacrificing delicious foods. Here are some vegan alternatives to your favorite summer dishes!
May 1, 2016
Jeffrey Crane
Veg Out


Avocado Club Sandwich


A club sandwich is perfect fuel for those long summer days sitting poolside. Layer hummus, avocado, radish, purple onion, red pepper and cucumber for a stacked sandwich full of nutrients. (Avocado and cucumber do wonders for your complexion, too!)

Note: To choose a vegan bread or dough, make sure it doesn’t contain egg, milk, casein, whey, honey, royal jelly or gelatin. Common vegan substitutes for these ingredients include soybean products like mono/ diglycerides or lecithin, as well as oils.


Black Bean Burger


No summer BBQ is complete without a burger! Use a black bean veggie patty instead of meat for some great flavor and a good source of protein.


Margherita Pizza



Tomato, basil and vegan mozzarella…how can cheese be vegan you ask? Vegan cheeses incorporate proteins from plants (like peas) instead of animals and use oils, emulsifiers and thickeners for consistency.


Pasta Salad


Use vegetable penne pasta (no egg), veggie mayo (contains soy milk instead of egg or dairy), olive oil, dried basil, garlic, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, corn and baby spinach. Easy to make and an easy hit for your family cookout! 

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