Make Your Air Travel Smoother

Take Advantage of Technology
May 9, 2017
Katie Robinson
Make Your Air Travel Smoother

Airlines and airports alike are innovating on the ground and in the air, with new technology emerging every day to put more power in the hands of business and leisure fliers, and to enhance the overall flying experience. While these advances are supposed to make getting from point A to point B much easier for passengers, it is important to know how technology can best serve you as you travel. Here are just a couple of ways to make your travels as easy as possible, sometimes with just the touch of a finger. 

Use Airline Apps for Flight Check-In and Updates
Nearly every major airline has some form of a mobile application. Using these apps can take away many of the headaches associated with traveling through an airport. Notices of delays and cancellations can be sent directly to your mobile device, and any changes in your itinerary are easily accessible. Most airlines allow you to check-in for a flight up to 24-hours in advance; meaning you can be checked in and armed with your boarding pass before even hopping in the car for the airport! Going through the TSA checkpoint is also easy with mobile check-in; all you have to do is show your mobile boarding pass and the TSA agent will scan it from your phone.

Get Rewards Whenever and Wherever you Travel 
There are a number of travel rewards programs that look to technology to say thank you. Many airports and airlines around the world employ rewards programs as a way to, not only earn traveler loyalty, but to also make air travel a rewarding experience for passengers. Many of these programs allow you to earn when you book a ticket through an airline, when you stay at an affiliated hotel and even when you spend within the airports you are traveling through with your “everyday” purchases. You can simply register with your smartphone, and start earning with the swipe of a card, or push of a button.

Stay Up to Date (and Find the Best Coffee in your Airport)
Navigating your way through various airports can be confusing – especially when you are in unfamiliar territory. This can be frustrating when all you want to do is grab something to eat, find your gate and possibly relax before your next flight departs. Luckily, tech companies and airports alike have heard the calls, and have developed a number of different ways to streamline flying. Apps such as App in the Air, flightSpeak and tripcase make it easy to, not only keep track of your flight itinerary, but also know what to expect when navigating the friendly skies. Many larger airports also have their own mobile apps showing dining and shopping locations, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for exactly when you need it.

Before you take to the skies, take to your phone. It just might make your trip easier from the palm of your hand.

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