SCAN, Inc.

Celebrates its exciting changes in leadership
Oct 5, 2017
SCAN, Inc.

Celebrating... On Oct. 1, SCAN began its new fiscal year with exciting changes in leadership. SCAN CEO Deanna Szyndrowski began her role in January 2017. Before becoming CEO, she led the Lake County SCAN office as the administrator of northern Indiana preservation services. Also in a new role is Heather Leas, chief philanthropy officer, who started working at SCAN in December 2014 as the events manager. She was promoted to senior manager of philanthropy in January 2017 and promoted to chief philanthropy officer in July.

Company History… Founded in 1974 by a small group of community volunteers, SCAN, Inc. (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect) has grown to employ over 230 staff. In fiscal year 2016, 5,927 families across 34 northern Indiana counties were impacted by SCAN’s two main branches of service: prevention and preservation. SCAN’s annual operating budget totals more than $17.5 million. The majority of funding comes from government contracts, but about $1.1 million is raised by fundraising efforts through special events, foundations and individual and corporate donations.

Mission Statement… For 43 years, SCAN has remained focused on its mission to protect children, prepare parents, strengthen families and educate our community to Stop Child Abuse and Neglect. This new fiscal year brings exciting changes as SCAN continues to carry out its mission to thousands of families across northern Indiana.

SCAN, Inc.(Stop Child Abuse and Neglect)

Address: 500 W. Main St. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Phone: (260) 421-5000


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