The Perfect "Sewlution"

At Despos Tailoring in Fort Wayne, every stitch matters.
Feb 5, 2018
Jennifer Blomquist
Jason Eicholtz, Eicholtz Photography
The Perfect "Sewlution"

“We aim for perfection,” says Dominic Wardell, owner of Despos Tailoring in Covington Plaza on Fort Wayne’s southwest side. “I’m not going to settle for anything less. When I send a garment out the door, that’s a testament to our skill, craftsmanship and quality.”

Founded in 1940, Despos Tailoring has been in business for 77 years. Wardell joined the company four-and-a-half years ago as a manager and recently purchased it. 

“Tailoring is an art,” says Wardell. “It takes time, practice and perseverance. If something doesn’t look right, we’re going to redo it. I will be pickier than the customer on the fit because I know what it’s supposed to look like. If the garment is perfect, it means the person wearing it is going to feel more confident and comfortable. When a person feels more confident, they’re going to perform the best they possibly can. It’s personally rewarding to see that happen.”

Besides tailoring, Despos offers alterations, custom men’s clothing and fashion consulting.

“There’s a big demand in Fort Wayne for men’s custom clothing. We specialize in suits, sport coats, trousers, overcoats and any other men’s formal attire. Having a custom garment means it’s unique and fits you perfectly. You can attend any event and know no one else will have a suit like yours. Over the years, Despos has had the honor of outfitting very high profile customers. Some of the suits we make are worn in the White House.”

Wardell is proud of his accomplishments and high standards, but says he couldn’t do it without an exceptionally talented and dedicated staff.

“Combined, we have more than 250 years of sewing experience. Everyone has their own specialty, but can perform any task when it comes to clothing. We’re a family and we treat our customers as such. We all love Despos and don’t really think about it as a job — we just love serving the community one stitch at a time.”

Wardell says he has plans to expand many of the services Despos offers as he continues to grow the business. 

“We strive to be the best, but there’s always room for improvement. We are always looking for even the tiniest way to get better. I think that’s a big reason why we are a standout in this industry.”

Despos Tailoring

Owner(s): Dominic Wardell

Address: 6338 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (260) 434-1377


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