Know Your Why
Aug 8, 2018
Amy Hanna, director, RespectTeam

The average working person is not happy in their current job. Why? Many times it is because they are not living out their purpose or have had their purpose be lost in the deadlines, the meetings, the paperwork and the financial stress.

Below are 5 steps to finding your purpose…Finding Your Why.

1. Name your passions:
What are you truly passionate about? What brings you excitement? What energizes you and makes you want to step out and do something?

2. Name your strengths:
What are you good at doing? What have others told you that you are good at doing?

3. Narrow your list of passions and strengths down to five each and then down to two each.

4. Create a life purpose statement:
Pick one of your passions and one of your strengths and create a life statement that gives you purpose and direction…Your Why.

5. Live it out:
Look for ways to live out your why, whether it be in your current job situation, your family situation, your friendships, your church or your hobbies.  

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