Stellar Stitching

Despos Tailoring offers a unique service to make you and your clothes stand out.
Feb 5, 2019
Jennifer Blomquist
Stellar Stitching

“Nowadays, everyone is ordering from Amazon. Everyone is buying their clothes from the exact same place, so, unfortunately, everyone kind of looks alike,” says Dominic Wardell, owner of Despos Tailoring in Fort Wayne’s Covington Plaza.

The solution to that problem, according to Wardell, is his newly-purchased embroidery machine.

“Having some embroidery or monogramming on your clothes makes it a unique garment and sets you apart from the rest.”

With a background in mechanical engineer technology, Wardell taught himself how to use the machine, which he says “stitches beautifully and conducts a symphony as it’s embroidering the item.”

“I think I’m probably the only tailor shop in town that has an embroidery machine. We’re now able to offer company logos for polos, sweaters, jackets and towels. Pretty much anything you want monogrammed or embroidered, we can do it. This machine is incredible. I can even take a special picture you’ve drawn and digitize it and then put it onto whatever you want. It allows you to personalize any piece of clothing.”

Wardell says the embroidery machine was a big investment, but well worth it.

“People were always asking us if we could monogram their cuffs or pocket squares and I had to send them to other businesses. It is time-consuming and a little more expensive to have the embroidery done, but again, it’s unique and once it’s on there, it’s there forever.”

In his industry, Wardell is always looking ahead to the next season. Despite the fact it’s the dead of winter, he’s focusing on the warmer seasons.

“We have a very healthy selection of new bolts of custom fabric that we can have made into suits: some nice cottons, some good, lighter weight wools. Summertime will be here sooner than we know it. Now is the time to have your custom summer-wear made, because once winter ends, we get really busy and back-logged with work. It’s a much faster turnaround if you get your summer clothes taken care of now.”

He reminds girls to start thinking about prom and encourages them to bring in their dresses for alterations in March and early April. 

And with prom right around the corner, so, too, is summer wedding season. 

“We offer alterations for bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride gowns. But again, come in sooner, rather than later.”

No matter what kind of service it is, quality of work and quality of product is of utmost importance to Wardell.

“We get our material from Holland and Sherry®. They are in London and have been in business since 1836. They offer the finest cloths in the world. So, if you want the best fabric at the best price, I’ve got it.”

Despos Tailoring

Owner(s): Dominic Wardell

Address: 6338 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (260) 434-1377


Years in Business: 78

Number of Employees: 8

Products & Services: Tailoring, custom goods and ready-made clothing

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