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Group classes are a great way to stay motivated with your fitness goals. Here’s a look at some popular classes at two local entities.
Feb 5, 2019
Alicia Tharp

“Group fitness has the highest retention rate in the industry,” according to Lisa Click, group fitness director for Spiece Fitness. “If you are seeking to get in shape, your success rate is much higher if you’re in these classes because it’s musically driven, it’s social — humans are pack animals — and it’s timed.”

Spiece Fitness offers six programs developed by the company MOSSA, as well as a spinning class – and they all come along with a Spiece membership. “These (MOSSA) programs were developed by physical therapists and exercise physiologists, people who are in the know of the human body and have deemed them generally safe for the general population,” Click says.

As for the popular classes at Spiece? “Our spinning classes are probably our most attended,” she says. “Attendance also depends on demographics. Spinning is attended by all kinds of people, whether you’re 13 or 50 or 99. So that leads to higher numbers.”

“The same thing with our group power class, which is weight training, that’s for anyone 13 to 99. Anyone can do power, you just adjust the amount of weight you’re using and the instructor modifies movements based upon your body and limits,” explains Click.

“We also have great success with our aqua programs,” continues Click. “And group blast is another program that is successful. It’s on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. and is interval training for men and women of all ages.”

But what Spiece does that makes it unique, according to Click, is use the MOSSA programs so that there is consistency in the classes that is not specific to any single instructor. “The delivery might be a little different based upon the instructor’s personality and skill level, but it’s the same workout,” she explains. “We invest a lot in our group fitness programs.” 

Nicole Hansen, director of mission advancement at the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne, explains how its classes work. “Part of your Y membership includes group exercise. And group exercise classes are free and only available to Y members.” There are over 100 different group exercise classes available at the YMCA, she says.

Among the most popular at the YMCA are its high intensity functional training classes. “These can be defined in lots of different ways….these are exercises designed to emphasize normal activity and ways of movement often times using body weight or light resistance,” she explains.

“Our cooking/nutrition classes for all ages are also popular,” Hansen continues. “As part of a healthy lifestyle, people want to learn how to cook better for themselves and their family. And stress busting classes that focus on the spirit, mind and body such as pilates, meditation, yoga, stretch and flex are popular as well.” 

The YMCA also offers classes that go beyond working out. “Many classes we offer may not include the traditional ‘exercise’ component that people often equate to health and fitness,” Hansen says. “These classes include opportunities to connect families, leadership and character development training and volunteering which are all linked to better overall wellness.”

Whether you’re starting out, or want something more advanced, there are many classes that can work for you.

Spiece Fitness
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YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne
Go to to find information on its eight branches and find the one closest to you.

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