Reasons To Use A Professional Property Services Firm
Jun 5, 2019
Eric Grotness, CEI Property Services, LLC

When deciding on utilizing a professional property services firm, there are multiple things to consider that will enable you to let your financial investment grow without the headaches of managing the property yourself.

Maximizing your time

You get to hand over as much of the day-to-day management tasks to them as you’d like. For you, this means that you will now have more time to spend on looking for new investment opportunities, advancing your chosen career or enjoying more free time with your family and friends.

Handling monthly rent payments

Collecting payments from clients can be an awkward, time consuming and difficult task. Property service firms have proven systems in place for collecting monthly rent that are very effective, as well as seasoned staff who are experienced in handling many of the situations that may arise. 

Maintenance request calls

Fielding maintenance requests, especially if you own multiple properties, is time-consuming and takes good organizational skills. Skip the hassle and inconvenience and let a trusted property services company handle that for you.

Managing vendor/contractors

A seasoned property services firm will have a long, steady relationship with vendors, maintenance workers, suppliers, contractors and tradesmen. Such relationships are very hard for the landlord to be able to duplicate on their own, and as such, the property services firm will not only be able to get you the best vendors for the best rates, but also generally with the shortest amount of wait time before work is performed. The additional benefit is that they can also be present to oversee all the maintenance work being carried out.

Be sure to choose a company with experienced professionals, who have a track record of successfully working for the satisfaction of both owners and tenants. 

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