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Happy, healthy new year, BP readers!
Feb 3, 2021
Michelle Gladieux
Coach's Corner

Several coaching clients have asked how to help employees (and themselves) get off to a good start in 2021 with some fresh goals. I’ll share one of many possible paths here. I hope it will spark some insight you can use.

In time management training events, we ask participants to answer some or all of the following questions individually, and then (especially if trainees are all from one organization) invite them to discuss one answer of their choosing with the group. You can do the same to benefit your own team, family, or friends. Choose the answer most important to you, share it aloud, then set another meet-up for one month down the road. 

Your follow-up meeting will feature brief reports from each person about how they’re doing with their goal, born of this simple exercise that lends itself well to online meetings. Even if you must report slow (or even no!) progress, it keeps your desired change front of mind and allows you to gain momentum toward positive change. Baby steps absolutely do count, and they can yield wonderful returns in the long run.

Here are the questions. It’s easy, fun and impactful to take at least one answer to a “stop talking and start rocking” action stage.

My favorite questions are listed last in both categories. They’ve become favorites because I’ve personally seen them change lives and, thus, workplaces for the better. 

What’s going well? (More of any of these, please!)

  • I’ve improved my skills recently in _____
  • I rarely procrastinate about _____
  • I’m proud of myself for _____
  • I make time to praise people sincerely for _____
  • I’m happiest when _____

What’s not going so well? (Choose an answer and experiment with behavior change!)

  • My energy sags when _____
  • I don’t yet have well-defined goals but could use them for _____
  • I engage in negative _____
  • self-talk about _____
  • I can be a negative influence on others when _____
  • One thing I’d like to start to do every day is _____

Emerson wrote, “Once you make a decision, the whole world conspires to make it happen.” Sow seeds of positive change now so you can celebrate your growth when you look back at 2021. 

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