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10 tips to keep in mind
May 7, 2021
Michelle Gladieux
Coach's Corner

Hi Michelle,

I attended your keynote at the Indiana County Treasurers’ Association conference in Noblesville last month. Can I get an outline of tips you shared?

Absolutely. What a great event and most impressive that you included 175 participants, safely distanced. We covered tips to turn up our power and use of strategy as communicators. We grow in visibility as we grow in influence. Never underestimate your ability to be a force for positive change in your organization.

1. Appoint yourself a guardian of your work environment. If you don’t go to bat for culture, who will? Know the value of diversity. Judge yourself and others by performance and potential.

2. Self care is not selfish. When you allow yourself a balance of work, loved ones, play and service, you’re a better communicator and better for the rest of us to be around. Seemingly “non-productive” moments are the ones that refresh our spirits. 

3. Carve out time to give and get coaching in interpersonal and technical skills. All of us deserve to know how we shine and how we can grow. We all deserve meaningful recognition and delegation.

4. Try to think, speak and act positively. Neutral is not an option. Focus on what needs improvement not “what’s wrong” with your culture, customers or career. 

5. Know your preferred conflict style. Do you compete, collaborate, compromise, avoid or accommodate? Try a less-used, less comfortable style when your usual method doesn’t help. 

6. Don’t punish people who take intelligent risks. Don’t be afraid to take them yourself. As American novelist Alice Walker put it, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

7. Learn how external and internal customers view you. External customers are not employed by your company and are affected by your skill, communication, service and attitude. Internal customers are paid by or volunteer at your organization and are equally affected by your energy and ability. Ask open-ended questions. What’s going right and what can improve? 

8. Expand your in-group. These folks get more eye contact, info sharing, praise, coaching, questions, vulnerability and sharing from you. 

9. Recall a recent conversation from your personal or professional life. It needn’t be out of the ordinary. Ask yourself: with whom was I communicating? How could I have improved my side of the communication by at least 1%?

10. Never let an opportunity pass to share a kind word. Get specific about what’s right to see more of those behaviors pop up around you.

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