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Michelle's hopes for 2022
Feb 10, 2022
Michelle Gladieux
Coach's Corner

Hi Michelle,

Do you have any specific hopes for the new year?

Thank you for the optimistic, fun question. I’ll share a wish list related to communication, since that’s usually what’s on my mind. 

With fingers crossed and with a nod to the power of visualization:

I wish we’d all pause today to answer: Why do I do the work that I do? Who benefits and how?

  • Less stress and worry, more meaning in our daily lives!

 I wish we’d get better as a species at seeing the futility of judging a book by its cover.

  • Less stereotyping!

I wish we’d ask more often how those who are different from us experience the world.

  • More empathy and inclusion!

I wish we’d remember how resilient the human spirit is, that even difficult change brings important gifts gained only through struggle.

  • More belief in ourselves to succeed when the going gets tough!

I wish more people enjoyed and embraced negotiation.

  • Better outcomes are often possible if we ask!

I wish more employers prioritized recognizing good effort and offering training opportunities, at least annually. 

  • More learning!

I wish more people would try a different method of managing disagreement when their go-to style isn’t helping the situation.

  • More constructive conflict!

I wish more teams would select overarching priorities to work toward and develop tactics to achieve them.

  • More strategic planning!

I wish we’d offer praise to those around us more often; not just to the rock stars.

  • More recognition of those who are trying and more reason for people to try!

I wish more folks would re-read emails before they hit send and use a brief, descriptive subject line.

  • More action taken on their messages!

I wish more people would embrace courage as communicators to ask the hard questions and share genuine feedback. 

  • Less complacency and more active shaping of organizational culture!

Finally, I wish I was a better listener – more interested in what’s being said and felt than in what I’m saying and feeling – more fulfilling relationships! (You’ll find me working on it daily and not just wishing.)

We start every day anew as a communicator. Proclaim a fresh start for yourself and celebrate even the smallest wins. They matter more than you may ever know. 

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