Fly Local, Fly Convenient – FWA Resumes Valet Parking Service
Jan 6, 2023
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

Passengers at Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) will once again have the opportunity to use valet parking services.

After pausing the program at the beginning of the pandemic, FWA is again offering passengers curbside valet parking, making it even more convenient to fly local, and get in and out of the airport. Like many other programs, a halt was put on valet parking out of caution for passengers and staff. As part of the ongoing West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project, valet parking services has a permanent spot inside the airport’s terminal building.

Taking advantage of valet parking is simple. Passengers are able to pre-arrange the service by calling REEF’s phone number, 1-877-392-0035, or by pulling up to the curb. The permanent valet parking booth is located inside the FWA terminal building. Passengers are able to easily find the location by pulling up to the curb just past the American Airlines entrance. Overhead, as well as curb-level, “Valet Parking” signage is easily visible. Once you’ve pulled up to the curb, an attendant will come to assist. Passengers will then provide the attendant with their flight information. The attendant will take the passengers keys and park their vehicle. Upon the passenger’s return to FWA, the valet parking attendant will have their vehicle ready and waiting alongside the curb. 

Tech-savvy passengers can also download the Get Valet app on their smart phone to make updates to their valet reservation. This will allow valet staff to know passenger flight information in order to have their vehicle ready and waiting when they return home. 

FWA’s valet parking service is available to all passengers. Passengers can contact the FWA Valet Parking Service at 1-877-392-0035. Valet parking is only $2 more than short-term parking per day, with a maximum daily fee of $16. The valet parking service is staffed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The reintroduction of valet parking at FWA is one more way that the airport is making it convenient to fly local. More information regarding this service, along with other parking information, can be found at 

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