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Andy Baker, SVP, Regional President, Farmers & Merchants State Bank
Feb 3, 2023
Jeffrey Crane
7 Questions With...

In November of 2022, Andy Baker was named regional president for F&M Bank’s northern Indiana market, bringing with him more than 27 years of banking experience. Baker has held leadership roles in several different cities but, as a native of Fort Wayne, is especially looking forward to serving clients in his home community. We caught up with Baker to learn a bit about his responsibilities in his new position, how he began his banking career and who he’s rooting for as March Madness approaches.

Q1: Congratulations on your new role! What lead you to this position and what are you most looking forward to as an F&M Bank team member?

After 27 years with PNC, I had the opportunity to look at doing something new and different. I wanted an opportunity to help drive the strategic focus of a community bank that is truly serving its clients. This position affords me the opportunity to do so and to do it my hometown. I am most excited about moving from a very large bank to a community bank where we can truly meet the needs of our business and consumer clients with flexible products, very competitive rates and amazing service.

Q2: What does a normal day look like for you as Regional President of the F&M Northern Indiana market?

I have the pleasure of working with an amazing group of commercial bankers, mortgage lenders and branch teams that are all focused on helping F&M to be a true community bank for everyone in northern Indiana.

Q3: What is your favorite part about your job and why? 

My favorite part of the job is the opportunity to help businesses in northern Indiana grow and prosper. We are all a part of this community, and when you can help to make where you call home a strong economy and better place to live, it is so rewarding. 

Q4: How did you begin your career in banking and what has made you stick with it?

I started my career in banking right after graduating from Indiana University, and over the years have been given the opportunity to grow my responsibility again and again. I have also had the opportunity to work in several different places: Cleveland, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Dayton, St. Louis, and am now back again in Fort Wayne, my hometown! Banking is a very noble profession where we get to help clients achieve their financial hopes and dreams. 

Q5: As a native of Fort Wayne, what does it mean to you to see all the growth and development that has taken place over the last several years?

I am so proud to call Fort Wayne my hometown and the national recognition that has followed all of the growth has been fantastic. This growth has been a catalyst for my new bank, F&M, to invest and grow as well. We are adding a new branch in Auburn that will open in quarter two, we are building a new branch in downtown Fort Wayne that will open this summer, and will open a regional headquarters in the summer of 2023 as well.

Q6: March Madness is approaching. Are you a college basketball fan? Who are you rooting for?

Having graduated from IU, I am a huge basketball fan. IU will always be my number one team, but I also cheer for Butler (my son Cole’s alma mater), and DePaul (where my daughter Lily is a Sophomore).  

Q7: How do you spend your free time? Can you tell us a little about your family?

About 15 years ago, having never really run in my life, I was challenged to run a half marathon.  Fifteen years later, I have completed 38 half marathons and four full marathons.

My wife Lisa (also from Fort Wayne) and I have two kids and two dogs. Our son Cole graduated from Butler last year and works as a data analyst in Indy, and our daughter Lily is in her second year at DePaul in Chicago double majoring in English and Communications. 


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