Preparing a Home for Sale
Mar 3, 2023
Brandon Schueler, Realtor/Broker

Selling a home in today’s market can be a daunting process. With the increase in interest rates, buyers have the advantage of being more critical with their home search. Here are a few ways to navigate the selling process with confidence. 

1. Prepare the home for sale
It is important to complete a thorough walk through of the home to make sure it is presented at its best. This includes decluttering, paint touch ups, making sure all light bulbs are functioning, doors open and close with ease, and all closets and cabinets are organized. With home prices on the rise, it is vital to ensure the house is in its best condition to achieve the highest value.

2. Determine the list price
Pricing a home correctly is a crucial part of the listing process. Studies show homes that are overpriced often sit on the market longer, which typically results in a lower sale price. Buyers in todays market are doing their research now more than ever and pay attention to details such as days on the market when negotiating.

3. Show the home
The house is now prepared and listed, but the selling process doesn’t stop there. Creating a positive experience for perspective buyers can easily make or break their decision on if they want to submit an offer. This can include: opening all blinds and curtains, turning on the lights, tidying up the house, making sure the interior temperature is comfortable and making sure the home smells fresh.

Selling in the current market doesn’t have to be stressful. Following these simple steps when listing a house will provide a great experience for perspective buyers, typically give the highest return in value and provide a smooth selling process. 

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