Connecting Culture and Policy in the Workplace
May 8, 2023
Adam James, RA-Partner, Senior Architect

The workplace has never been more dynamic than what we are seeing today – work from home, hybrid, fully in office — and the reoccurring question, “Is the open-floor plan dead?” Companies are asking themselves, “How do we make our workplace a positive and engaging space for our employees?” How does your new space become an asset and contribute to your culture?

Work With a Design Team That Understands You
It starts by working with a design team that will take the time to understand you and your culture. This requires meeting with everyone from managers to new hires. Getting a full picture of how your team operates creates the building blocks needed for your future design.

Your Unique Culture Requires Distinctive Needs
Your unique culture requires unique needs. It’s important for your design team to learn YOU. In-person meetings with clients are now virtual, so how do you best use that space without creating distractions for the others? It’s critical that the design team understands your operations and culture so they can enrich the design of your space.

The Workplace Today Looks Different
The workplace today looks different than it did just a few years ago, and design is proving to be more critical than ever. As employees continue to return to work, they want to work in a space that is refreshed, has amenities and spaces they need to be engaged in their work.

Your building needs to do a lot to serve its employees, but the design is critical so that it can be an asset to your company, improve engagement and be a healthy place to work in. People want spaces and designs that are better than what they can get at home, as well as spaces that allow them to work more effectively with their teams. 

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