FWA Parking Made Easier with Valet Services
Jun 8, 2023
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) prides itself on delivering excellent customer service to passengers with a number of amenities aimed at the passenger experience. One way FWA makes it even more convenient to fly local is through its Valet Parking Service. 

FWA’s Valet Parking Service made its original debut in November 2018 and experienced great success. With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Valet Parking was paused along with a number of other passenger-facing programs. FWA is happy to have brought Valet Parking back at the end of 2022 in partnership with REEF Parking, who currently manages the airport’s parking facilities. 

Using the valet service is easy for those flying out of FWA. Passengers simply pull their vehicle up to the Valet Parking booth located along the terminal drive and provide the parking attendant with their flight information. The attendant will then take the passenger’s keys and park their vehicle in the designated parking area. Once the passenger returns to FWA, the Valet Parking attendant will have their vehicle ready and waiting at the curb. Flight information and other instructions for the valet attendant can be managed through the Valet Parking app, Get Valet.

Valet Parking at FWA offers a way to make traveling from your local airport easier and more efficient, while further extending FWA’s focus on customer service. Known as one of the friendliest airports in the nation, (in large part thanks to the tradition of handing out cookies to arriving passengers and a dedication to showcasing Hoosier hospitality) this service further emphasizes FWA’s commitment to delivering exemplary customer service. In addition to Valet Parking, FWA offers a number of services and amenities that aim to go the extra mile for passengers and guests including free Wifi throughout the terminal, charging stations, a complimentary parking lot shuttle, an indoor pet relief area, a dedicated mother’s room, sensory room, free cookies upon arrival and much more. 

FWA’s Valet Parking Service is available to all passengers for a daily rate of $16. Passengers who choose to use Valet Parking can contact REEF Parking at 1-877-392-0035.

Information regarding Valet Parking as well as FWA’s other parking lots and services can be found at  

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