Part I: Three Things Your Workplace Needs that Future Employees are Looking For
Jun 8, 2023
Lauren Elliott, Director of Interior Design

Now more than ever, employers are realizing that the physical office must become a destination. With so many employees having the opportunity to work remotely, organizations are now facing this complex question: How do we make people want to come back to work? The answer is simple; make the office a place people want to be. Below are three things we’ve identified as key drivers in bringing people back to the office.

Traditional workspaces no longer make sense for every employee. Having a variety of workspaces allows employees to stand, sit, lounge, work privately in a booth or collaborate where they want for the day, depending on the task at hand. Give your staff the ability to easily plug and play no matter where they are working in the office. Also, consider integrating video technology throughout to make it easy to connect with remote team members.

Health & Wellbeing
Access to the outdoors via walking trails, green roofs and patios are in high demand. Connection to nature allows employees to take a break, promotes movement and offers other opportunities to connect with co-workers. In addition, companies can offer mental health services and private spaces for employees to take the time they need for a quick break. Lastly, investing in upgraded building systems promotes improved indoor air quality with expanded filtration, greater intake of fresh air and increased humidification.

Nature & Light
Studies have shown that employees with access to natural elements in their work environment are happier and more productive. Offering live walls, outdoor patios or large windows are great options to connect employees with nature. Natural lighting can be brought in through skylights, while different types of LED lighting can bring warmth and comfort throughout the workplace. Integrating something as simple as task lighting at a work-surface is another great way to give employees control over their environment.

Stay tuned for part two to learn three additional things your workplace needs that future employees are looking for. 

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