Part II: Three Things Your Workplace Needs that Future Employees are Looking For
Aug 7, 2023
Lauren Elliott, Director of Interior Design

The workplace itself, along with peoples’ perceptions of the workplace, is changing. But that doesn’t mean the workplace is disappearing; on the contrary, people are realizing that they need one another to thrive, especially in their jobs. In part one of this ProSpeak series, we identified flexibility, health and wellbeing, and nature and light to be key drivers in bringing people back to the office. The following are three additional components to get employees back in the office. 

Sustainability has become increasingly important over the past several years. Using more sustainable and healthier materials in the design of your office is a great way to promote sustainability and wellbeing. You can also be more sustainable in smaller ways, such as providing employees with reusable coffee mugs instead of Styrofoam cups, or decorating your office with artwork made of sustainable materials. This also includes looking at the way you maintain your space. 

Amenity Spaces
Incorporating spaces that promote inspiration and creativity makes the office a destination! Provide spaces where people can come together and connect. Let these areas support your company culture and your staff. Community hubs are a great way to boost collaboration and offer some unique amenities to your staff. This could include a coffee bar, snack shack, ping-pong table and so much more. Don’t be afraid to ask what people want — build your amenity spaces around these wants.

Finally, location. This has become so important. We’re seeing that people want that connection with their local community. When they make the trip into the office, they can also take advantage of visiting shops, restaurants and other local venues that surround their workplace. Make the commute worthwhile. If not, people are more likely to work from home. For this reason, we’re seeing more organizations relocate to downtown areas to take advantage of this community connection.

Offering flexibility, healthy options, access to nature, sustainable options, and spaces to relax and have fun provides a destination for employees to collaborate. Start thinking about the future of your workplace today! 

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