The Choice of Travel – Flying Local is Easy When You Know the True Cost
Oct 2, 2023
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

Travel is full of choices, and oftentimes one of the first is choosing an airport to begin your journey. At Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA), the hope is that the local community makes the choice to fly FWA — fly local.

The FWA team works diligently to make traveling easy and hassle-free. There are short walks from parking lot to gate, convenient amenities such as valet parking and FWA’s free parking lot shuttle service, and there are rarely long lines. The airport has many flight options for convenient connection times to any final destination, with 12 nonstop destinations and over 350 one-stop connections. This makes it quick and convenient for travelers to fly local. Beyond the ease of access and convenience of flying FWA, there are also a number of new amenities to enjoy as a result of the recently completed West Terminal Expansion project and ongoing East Terminal Expansion project. Take advantage of these and make your wait at the gate easier and more enjoyable. 

While FWA puts its best foot forward to create the finest travel experience possible, there is always an additional factor that can sway travel decisions — cost. A tool developed to help customers decide which airport is the best fit for their travel budget is the True Cost Calculator located on FWA’s website. This tool allows users to input their zip code and receive quoted airfares from Fort Wayne (FWA), Indianapolis (IND), Chicago (ORD) and Dayton (DAY) to compute the actual cost of flying. 

Added costs within these calculations include driving distance and fuel cost, hourly wages and the cost of economy parking for one week at each airport. Once airfare is put into the calculator, the “true” total cost populates and shows that even though airfare may differ, flying local is many times the best option.

Beyond cost savings, supporting your local airport will result in further growth. The more passengers that choose to fill FWA seats, the more likely it is the airlines will add more seats, additional frequency and potentially new routes. 

As FWA continues to recover in a post-pandemic world with promising passenger traffic numbers, it’s important to note that recovery isn’t achieved without the support of the local community. Fly local and support current air service and airlines. In doing so, existing routes can succeed and airlines will see that, with a supportive community, FWA can continue to soar.  

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