As FWA Soars into 2024, Progress Continues on the East Terminal Expansion Project
Jan 3, 2024
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

As we enter a new year, Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is looking ahead as the airport continues work on the East Terminal Expansion and Renovation Project. The East Terminal Expansion project kicked off in 2023 with much of the work taking place behind-the-scenes. However, 2024 promises to bring more forward-facing changes for passengers and guests to enjoy.

The East Terminal Expansion project groundbreaking took place on June 15, 2023. Since the project officially kicked off, there has been a lot of progress in terms of preparing the terminal building for big changes to come. Passengers that have flown out recently have likely noticed that the space that once held FWA’s Gates 1-4 has been blocked off with a wall. Just behind that wall, crews have worked to completely demo and clear out the gate area, including the seating area and the affectionately nicknamed “cattle shoot,” where passengers would go to board their flights from the lower level. Recently, windows have been cut into the wall so passengers can have a front row view of the construction. 

This space will soon feature an expanded TSA Checkpoint area to make the security process even smoother for passengers flying out of FWA. The Checkpoint will be pushed back for an easier queuing process and will include two additional TSA lanes to accommodate for future airport growth and passenger loads.

Tip: Even though construction is going on and the lower gates have been removed, you can still enjoy a local coffee at Conjure Coffee or grab a bite to eat or local brew at Chapman’s Brewing Company. Both are still located downstairs just outside of where passengers emerge after going through the TSA Checkpoint.

Passengers that have traveled through FWA have also seen a change to the interior infrastructure of a portion of the terminal building. Large scaffolding and temporary walls have gone up from the escalators on the lower level, extending all the way to Gate 5 on the upper level. Passengers walking through this new temporary tunnel space may or may not know they are right in the middle of some major construction progress. On either side of (and above) the temporary engineering tunnel crews have been hard at work demoing some major existing areas to make way for exciting spaces. The old Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum space, as well as the seating area once containing FWA’s Art in the Airport displays, have been completely stripped down and gutted. On the other side, crews will be demoing out the old glass windows in the concourse and, eventually, the old Business Center.

The second-floor space will soon see the raising of the existing roof to create a grand atrium space that will feature the relocation of the airport’s coffee shop, restaurant and gift shop, among many other exciting enhancements. 

FWA is excited to see what’s to come with the East Terminal Expansion project in 2024, and hope the community is too. Updates can be found on FWA’s social media channels and at Thank you for choosing FWA!  

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