Fort Wayne International Airport Saw Growth in 2023 – Looks Ahead to 2024
Feb 2, 2024
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) has much to celebrate as we reflect on 2023. From a number of airport improvement projects to an increase in passenger traffic, the airport continues to thrive and serve as an asset in Fort Wayne and the northeast Indiana region.

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, FWA had celebrated 10 years of record consecutive growth through 2019. In the years since, the airport’s focus has shifted to passenger recovery. While there have been changes in capacity and destinations offered, FWA has remained fortunate to maintain a great level of air service for the community and many airlines have changed aircraft to larger bodies offering more seats in the Fort Wayne market.

With that comes positive passenger traffic growth. In 2023, the airport saw 398,488 enplaned passengers, or passengers traveling out of the airport on outbound flights. This is a 9.76% increase over enplanements in 2022. In total, the airport saw 795,750 passengers fly in and out of the airport – an increase of 10.26% over 2022. With an average of 66,250 passengers passing through the terminal each month, FWA is back on the path of growth. 

Not only did FWA see significant growth in 2023 when compared to 2022, the airport also returned to form with multiple months that met or exceeded 2019’s record-breaking passenger traffic numbers. There were seven months within the year where enplanements beat the same months in 2019 – signifying not only a return to demand for travel, but a growth in demand at FWA not previously seen. Overall, FWA ended 2023 slightly above 2019 with a 0.2% increase – technically breaking even, but giving a spark heading into 2024. 

Looking ahead in 2024, FWA will continue moving forward on the East Terminal Expansion Project as part of the airport’s overarching Project Gateway. The year will see the first major portions of this project unveiled, as well as the start of construction on currently untouched areas before moving to completion in 2025. Another major project coming in 2024 will see an increase in size of FWA’s Economy parking lot. This project will include a mill and overlay of the existing pavement, reconfiguration of the parking lot, updated irrigation and landscaping, and an overall parking lot expansion. This will greatly benefit passengers who may be used to seeing this lot marked as “full.” The Economy parking lot will expand from 261 parking spaces to 351. This project will commence following the height of spring break travel in April.

As we look ahead in 2024, FWA aims to continue to grow and thrive. This doesn’t come without the support of the local community. It’s important for the community to fly local and support current air service and airlines. Thank you for choosing FWA and cheers to the new year!  

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