How Much Will I Have to Pay in Child Support?
Mar 1, 2024
Sadie Dillon-Baatz, Family Law Attorney

Whether a parent is establishing paternity, getting divorced or dealing with post-dissolution matters, they want to know how much they will pay or receive in child support. It’s important to be aware of some major changes to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines, effective Jan. 1, 2024. 

1. Removal of the 6% rule: Parents will now share responsibility for uninsured health care expenses in proportion to their income shares, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

2. Calculating parenting time credit for varying overnights: The Guidelines introduce a new method for calculating the parenting time credit when one parent spends a different number of overnights with their children. This change recognizes that families have their own parenting time arrangements, which need to be considered for child support purposes. 

3. Revisions to weekly support schedules: The economic models for the Guidelines have been updated to be consistent with current income models, the cost of living and current child-rearing costs. The estimates in the schedules have led to increased child support obligations for parents across all income levels, except for those at the lowest income levels. 

In addition, there are updated clarifications and explanations: 

1. Submission of Child Support Obligation Worksheet and deviations by agreement: A Child Support Obligation Worksheet must be provided, and any deviation from the Worksheet’s rebuttably presumed obligation amount must be explained. 

2. Birthing expenses: Upon the establishment of paternity, a court will order the father to pay at least 50% of the reasonable expenses of the mother’s pregnancy and childbirth.

The hope is that these changes will help simplify the process of establishing child support for Indiana parents.  

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