Writer's Block

To ignore the email, or not to ignore the email.
Apr 1, 2024
Dan Copeland, President/Publisher
Writer's Block

Like you, I get a lot of emails from businesses that are not located in our area wanting to sell me their products and services. Most of these emails are unsolicited and unwanted. I ignore them unless I see something that might be beneficial to my business.

I also get emails from local businesses that are trying to grow. I DO NOT IGNORE THESE. The local companies that reach out to me will always get a response – either to look further into their offerings or to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

If someone from your business reaches out to me, I will respond. From my perspective, northeast Indiana is like a big business club and we should all try to help each other. What’s good for one business can only be good for all businesses – all participants rise with a growing economy.

I encourage you to do the same. When you are solicited by a representative from a local business asking you to consider their offerings, please respond even if you are not interested. That salesperson will most likely stop contacting you, making it better for both parties.

Those of you who have sales representatives looking for new customers and clients would certainly hope that someone is responding to their efforts to build your business. Please show your own team some respect and respond to the local and regional sales people who reach out to you. Not doing so is a slap in the face to your own sales team.

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