Coldwater Road Expansion Project
May 2, 2024
Megan Disque, Marketing Specialist

Coldwater Road is set for a major expansion to enhance transportation infrastructure and accommodate growing traffic demands by widening the thoroughfare to three and five travel lanes as needed, but limiting induced traffic demand at the same time.

The ambitious project, stretching from East Dupont Road north to just beyond Union Chapel Road, aims to transform Coldwater Road into an urban complete street. This transformation will integrate context-sensitive design principles, featuring curb and gutter installations, and storm sewers. Street lighting, trees, traffic signals, signage and pavement markings are also part of the comprehensive redesign.

The initiative includes extending a small structure to cross the Allen County Roy Delagrange Drain and facilitating pedestrian access with sidewalks. Moreover, landscaping efforts will incorporate recommended plantings in available green spaces, aligning with green infrastructure initiatives aimed at managing runoff.

Pedestrian infrastructure is also an essential component of this project. Five-foot sidewalks will be constructed on both sides of Coldwater Road. Thanks to collaborative efforts on behalf of the City of Fort Wayne and the Allen County Highway Department, the sidewalks will connect to the proposed trail on Union Chapel Road.

The project, because of its considerable scope and funding constraints, will be executed in two separate phases. Each phase will maintain two-way traffic throughout construction, ensuring minimal disruption to commuters. Phase one of construction bidding is slated for 2025.

A&Z Engineering, LLC is the prime firm leading all design efforts. The consortium of consulting firms contributing to this effort includes SEH, Earthsource, Inc., DLZ, and CHI Engineering.

The Coldwater Road expansion project represents a significant investment in the area’s infrastructure, aiming to alleviate congestion and enhance connectivity for residents and commuters alike. 

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