Writer's Block

Thank you to our supporters!
Jun 3, 2024
Dan Copeland, Publisher
Writer's Block

This column is a tribute to all of the businesses that have ever supported us by buying print ads, Fort Wayne International Airport ads, or promotional products and logo apparel.

You see, at one time there were 35 Business People magazine franchises around the country. All of the others discontinued operations many years ago. Thanks to the supporters in northeast Indiana, this is the only remaining franchisee that continues to operate. The franchisor also fell apart a long time ago, leaving us to find our own way.

Decision makers at large, medium and small businesses throughout our region have come along side us and invested their marketing dollars in the things we offer. That support has allowed us not just to survive, but to expand and grow our offerings. We now publish three of our own publications along with a number of publications for other organizations, provide all advertising sales services to Fort Wayne International Airport, offer promotional products and logo apparel, and provide a wide variety of digital advertising services on almost all platforms.

So, I thank all of you who have given us a chance to serve you and your business. To those of you that have not tried our services, but are willing to do so, please email me at dcopeland@businesspeople.com and let us show you why so many of our clients stay with us once they start working with us.

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