Train Your Employees to Spot a Scam
Jun 3, 2024
Rick Walz, President/CEO

Well-trained employees are a key defense against scams. If your employees can recognize social engineering attacks, spot fraudulent emails, identify fake websites and maintain safe password practices, they are well-equipped to keep your business safe. What can you do to make sure your staff knows how to spot a scam?

Build awareness in your workforce. Ensure your employees understand the potential impact of scams, and help them understand what falling for a scam could cost your business.

Create a training program. Build a training program that fits the needs of your business. Consider what scams your business is at high risk for and teach employees to recognize them. Incorporate teaching methods that accommodate different learning styles.

If you outsource, go with a reputable company. If you are considering purchasing a training course for your staff, ensure it comes from a company with a good business reputation.

Encourage open communication. Always encourage your workforce to speak up if they see something suspicious. If one person sounds the alarm, it could prevent others from falling victim.

Establish extra security procedures where necessary. Establish extra checks and balances. You’ll have more than one set of eyes on important or unusual transactions, which decreases the likelihood of getting scammed.

Make it easy for your employees to report fraud and scams. Acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes can make your employees feel more comfortable reporting a scam. Consider rewarding employees for reporting scams, even if they fall for it.

Make training ongoing. Consider reviewing your scam awareness training with your staff annually, and more if possible. 

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