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The Benefits of Working With Your Local Magazine
Nov 6, 2023
Dan Copeland, President/Publisher
Writer's Block

Regional magazines keep your business in touch with the businesses and people of our area. Magazines are interesting and a useful source of information. For advertisers, they are the perfect niche publications. Here’s why: 

This is your target market
If your business is located in northeast Indiana, then your regional business or lifestyle magazine is the ideal way to speak directly to your potential customers. Those individuals are interested and involved in their community, so they will be interested in your business, too. Because they are proud of where they live, readers generally prefer to buy local. 

What people take on in their time out
There’s plenty to attract our attention on websites and social media, but sitting down with a hot drink and a magazine is different. There isn’t any competition; we read what interests us, and that’s a great opportunity for advertisers. 

Being noticed
There’s a lot of media traffic out there and our brains filter it. In a magazine, there are only so many pages, with just a few advertisements on each page. You have a much better chance of being noticed and your advertisements will be more memorable than their digital equivalents. 

Reader confidence
Fake news and cybercrime have made many people hesitant about online engagement. In contrast, readers trust their regional magazine as a source of local information, so they are more likely to trust you, too. There’s very little risk for them in making a call or sending an email. 

Opportunities to be seen
While online and social media are in the moment, your local magazine has staying power. It will stay on a coffee table, in an office or café for a month or sometimes many months. It might be shared with family and friends. That means your advertisement or story will be seen over and over again. 

Spin-off brand benefits
Your regional magazine has a great reputation among readers. People trust what they see and your brand will benefit as a result. 

Staying power
Business People and Living Northeast Indiana magazines have been around for a long time, so people recognize their value. Commit to a long-term campaign of advertising to build your recognition over time.

Extra opportunities
Your local magazines have excellent distribution networks. If you want to complement your advertising with editorial content, you know it will be read by many people. Or, do an insert in one of our publications. Your extra promotional material is much more likely to be read when it arrives with a trusted publication. 

Brand power
Take the opportunity to create consistency across all your channels, so wherever people come into contact with your business they will see the same messages and images. You will reach new audiences in a printed magazine and become a well-recognized northeast Indiana business. 

This content was first published by Pulse Media Group, edited for this publication.

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