The More You Know - Frequently Asked Questions at FWA
May 8, 2023
Katie Robinson, Marketing Specialist, FWA

While many seasoned travelers think they know everything about getting to and through the airport, sometimes you have to go back to the basics for a little refresher. Every day, the staff at Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) receives phone calls and emails asking a variety of questions related to air travel from Fort Wayne and beyond.

While it’s impossible to cover every question, there are some that are important for passengers to know.

I need to book a flight or have questions regarding my reservation – who should I contact?
While the Airport Authority staff is always happy to help passengers with questions or concerns, anything related to booking or altering a flight reservation must be directed to the individual airline you plan to fly with. Airline contact information can be found on the FWA website.

How early should I arrive for my flight?
While FWA takes pride in the efficiency and convenience of a smaller-sized airport, it’s still important to arrive early for your flight to check-in and make it through TSA. We recommend that passengers arrive at least 90 minutes before their flight; two hours prior to departure if you are flying Allegiant because of higher passenger volumes. Airline ticket counters close 30 minutes prior to departure for American, Delta and United, and 40 minutes before departure for Allegiant.

Do I need a Real ID to fly?
The rollout of the Real ID has been a hot topic for many years. While the deadline has come and gone multiple times (mainly because of the pandemic) the deadline to secure a Real ID is now May 7, 2025. Until then, your normal driver’s license, passport or other approved government identification will work, but getting your Real ID sooner rather than later will save you time and stress in the future.

Where can I park at FWA and how much does it cost?
FWA has three parking options for travelers: Short Term, Long Term and Economy parking. The Short Term parking lot, best for those on quick business trips or for those visiting the airport, is $14 per day. For longer periods of time, FWA has a traditional Long Term parking lot which is $9 per day, or the Economy Lot that is $8 per day. The Economy lot also has a weekly (7-day) rate of $44. All parking lots are conveniently located in front of the terminal building, just a short walk from parking lot to check-in. 

FWA also offers Valet Parking for $16 per day. Valet Parking is available to all passengers flying out of the airport to make their travel quicker and more convenient. 

If you have additional travel questions, you can find an entire page dedicated to travel tips and FAQs on the FWA website, As always, thank you for choosing FWA.  

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